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Alcohol abuse and drug addiction cause pain and suffering. If you do or someone you know is in pain, call Blue Water Rehab at (909) 347-5224. Our center will help you or someone dear to you recover. Just dial our number and we will help you find out of your insurance fully covers our treatment services.

Tailored Treatment Plan at Blue Water.

Treatment plans differ for everyone due to varoius needs and levels of support. And the professionals at Blue Water Rehab clearly know this that’s why the middle has multifaceted treatment plans to address the therapeutic and medical needs whatever the individual. This will make sure a long-term success in treatment recovery. 

Release Negativity


Learning how to appease one’s mind by letting go of your negative thoughts would just be sure you won’t easily lured to your ragged old methods for alcohol and drugs. So, release your negative thoughts now.

Release Negativity


Developing good communication is learning how to check with our residents and counselors inside a secure and healing place.

Find Happiness


Happiness is the result that you usually dream of. But to realize it, you must end the cycle of pain caused by drugs and alcohol.

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We all experienced needing the support of others. So, we perfectly discover how it feels like. With this, it’s our philosophy that we can relieve you dependent on how we wanted to be helped. Keeping our hands-on experienced staff and experts plus our unparalleled facility, it is no longer surprising that our graduates are our greatest advocates. Contact us today!

I was preparing myself to receive my termination, but instead of receiving some murders, my boss instead referred me and sent me to New Hope Recovery. It’s where I learned how to speak my feelings and thoughts, which helped me overcome my addiction. I really could state that my days at New Hope are simply the most effective, during the the time when my youngest 10-year-old daughter told me that I not smell of alcohol.

Krissy A.

Blue Water Rehab Alumni 2014

Without any reason, I woke one morning with a short time of clarity. I entered the Blue Water Program and straight away unloaded the load of a life of shame and guilt. It felt as a bag full of bricks being removed off my back. Blue Water changed my life. My heart feels very light these days without all the bricks to hold around.

Mark L.

Blue Water Rehab Alumni 2014

After happening disability in the workplace, my pain killer addiction got much worse. After kids intervention, I entered the Blue Hope Program. I learned not only how to share my experience but gained valuable particulars on how for treating my pain through exercise, mental practice and happy living.

Kenny R.

Blue Water Rehab Alumni 2009

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